Tea Party Vs. G20

While randomly looking at Glenn Beck’s website I came across an interesting video where Beck talks about how radical anarchist protesters are depicted in the New York Times. Beck critizes how much the Canadian government spent on the G20 security. Of course the all so friendly Tea Party protesters did not cause any trouble but the far left anarchists did. He quotes several passages from the New York Times, saying that the reports are trivializing the damage caused by the anarchist protesters, even critizing the police for being to harsh to the friendly demonstrators. To prove his point Beck shows us a merely three second video clip of a burning car and some hooded people fleeing from the police. There is no proof in the video that it actually shows footage of the recent G20 protests so we are just going to have to trust Glenn on this one (which we’ll gladly do of course). But still, how can a three second video clip be representative of a two day demonstration. Now I’m not saying that there were no violent excesses by several radicals during the protests, yet that is not a legitimate reason to condemn the New York Time’s coverage. Most of the protesters were  peacefully announcing their opinion and the small fraction of the violent protestors are used by Beck to denounce the whole left wing movement. It seems like Glenn forgot that there are probably just as much radical left activists as they are radical right activists and just because they did not show up at the G20 demonstration does not mean that they don’t exist.

[kyte.tv appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/338017&tbid=168707&p=1011&height=384&width=320]

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