Does the Tea Party Represent the Mainstream?

Like most liberal Democrats, I am strongly opposed to the Tea Party Movement.  When tea party protests started occurring in my hometown, I thought it was a protest strictly confined to New York State and our unpopular governor David Paterson. At first, this protest movement excited me. I was thrilled that the people of Western New York were finally speaking out about the injustice of paying some of the highest state taxes in the entire country, and not seeing the results within our community. I soon read that these protests were popping up all over the country, and that they were protesting the agenda of President Obama.

Before looking at the facts and figures of the Tea Party and only relying on media coverage of this group, I automatically assumed that it was composed of lower middle class white men. I was shocked when I saw that according to a Gallup poll, Tea Party members fairly represent the population. While members are most likely to be male, they are less likely to come from a low-income background.  I was not shocked to see that Republicans and Independents make up nearly 92% of party members, and Democrats only 8%.

It will be interesting to see the Tea Party will split the Republican vote during mid-term elections since so many Republicans make up the Tea Party.

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