The Tea Party vs. Health Care Reform

Tea Party members, or “teabaggers” as they called themselves before they understood the double meaning, were wildly opposed to health care reform or “Obamacare.”  At this point, it just appeared that after the stimulus plans, they were opposed to anything that Obama would introduce.  It was during these anti-health reform rallies that the charge of socialism was thrown at Obama.  People began accusing Obama of constructing “death panels” where senior citizens would have to present themselves before a government panel, and the government would decided whether or not it was too costly to let them live. It’s hard to write that while keeping a straight face, shockingly, many people believed it.

The most annoying part of the anti-health reform movement is the other things these teabaggers should be protesting. Do they have any idea how much these endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are costing the taxpayers?  That the Pentagon receives a blank check to do this? These people probably don’t consider the cost of the detention centers and black sites. Do they know that we fund Israeli’s occupation of the Palestinian Territories, and produced the white phosphorus that was then dropped on schools? If they are mad about bailing out Wall Street, why don’t they protest the companies that accepted bailout money and then posted $3 BILLION dollar profits?  

The answer is simple, they can stomp their feet louder (and have the time to do so) than those who need to work 2-3 jobs just to feed their families and still live without healthcare. This is also why they oppose immigration. They wouldn’t win against the large corporations that outsource their labor, so they must go against those who have “stolen” their jobs instead of the men who sent their jobs elsewhere.

If you are not a lobbyist, you won’t see the change you want. They know they can’t beat AIG by standing outside and pouting, so they need to look at the people under them. They know that they cannot stop a recovery package from being passed because Wall Street has the resources to get the legislation they want passed. Therefore, the Tea Party must try to win against a weaker opponent, the sick and impoverished.  

Personally, I’d rather fund life than death.

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