Fox News prefers Tea

Fox’s sympathy towards the Tea Party movement is by now common knowledge. Knowing this, it is no surprise that Fox has different feelings when it comes to the Coffee Party and CNN. In this article I found on the Fox News website Fox claims that CNN allegedly “salutes the Coffee Party” while ridiculing a movement of perhaps hundreds of thousands of peaceful Tea Party protestors”.

Greg Gutfeld compares CNN’s coverage of the Coffee Party with the coverage the Tea Party is getting. The results are shocking yet so appear so logical. CNN promotes the Tea Party as being “anti-government” and “anti-CNN since this is highly promoted by the right-wing conservative network Fox.” And Fox does them a favor by letting Gutfeld write this comment which underlines the argument of the Tea Party’s anti-CNN stance by claiming the things I just mentioned. So the battle between the Tea Party and the Coffee Party is not only a battle based on different political views but also used as playground for the major news networks to drag each other through the mire.

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