Big Government?

The Tea Party also protests the idea of „big government“ in both stimulus packages and also in the health care debate. Tea Party members love to criticize President Obama for allowing government to get „too big,“ while forgetting how big government became under President Bush.

Personally, when I think of big government I think of the USA Patriot Act. The USA Patriot Act robbed Americans of multiple civil liberties, without any protest. The Patriot Act allows wiretapping without a warrant and so-called „sneak and peak“ search and seizures. The „sneak and peak“ searches allow the government to enter your home without a warrant, and also does not require that the F.B.I inform you that your home was searched. Until recently, the government had access to check what books you were borrowing from the library. One of the most terrifying aspects of the Patriot Act is that the term „terrorist“ is not defined. This allows the government to choose who they would like to be defined as a terrorist, which could mean anyone critical of the government or any political opponents.

The Tea Party never mentions the Patriot Act when discussing big government or anything relating to the war or the post-9/11 world.

To the Tea Party, big government is a term reserved for stimulus packages, health care, and gun control. Tea Party members are convinced that „big government“ are coming for their guns, when in reality, President Obama has never mentioned any plans to reform gun control. The claims of „big government“ cannot be taken seriously if they fail to mention one of the biggest attacks against our civil liberties, which was the Patriot Act of 2001.

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