Tea Party and the Parlamentary Elections

Polish media mention American Tea Party only in the context of the November parlamentary elections. As one of the biggest Polish newspapers Gazeta Wyborcza writes, Republicans could win the November elections and take control of one of the chambers of Congress. Some commentators say that this opinion is just an evidence of America’s ideological shift to the “right.” This year, America will have to deal with the election, during which Americans in particular will want to show that they are fed up with old politicians and their systems, therefore that they want a change. In two previous elections, criticism was aimed very strongly at the Republicans because of the negative opinion of Bush’s presidency. Now it will hit the Democrats, because they control both the Congress and the White House. Thus, Republicans will probably win the election in five months, mainly because two thirds of electors are against Democrats and Obama. Once again, as during the Bush’s presidency, it appears that negative emotions are stronger than positive one.

Thus, American citizens do not want the old status quo. What we can observe nowadays in the U.S is a fast-growing popularity of the Conservatives, mainly the Tea Party Movement. It is said that the Tea Party Movement will play a significant role in the November parliamentary elections and the coming presidential election. Obama may therefore find himself in a situation similar to Clinton’s when a popular president lost the majority in Congress. With so strong anti- governmental mood of America it would be interesting to ask if America is ready to break the two-party system. Republicans and Democrats monopolized the entire political space. But the fact that one third of electors would like to see the creation of a third party shows that Americans are tired with these two parties and their politicians.

Sources: http://wyborcza.pl/1,76842,7889015,Nie_wierze_politykom.html

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